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The Meditation Lab focuses on providing mindfulness and meditation workshops for a variety of groups. Our workshops help students, teachers, teams, employees achieve focus, reduce stress, become more productive, and find balance.

Current Workshops


Corporate Programs and Workshops

​Let us offer your employees mindfulness-based wellness workshops at your next on or off site corporate event. Our goal is to help your employees learn skills to increase focus, improve productivity, and reduce stress.


Student Programs and Workshops

Our student programs have been adopted by dozens of public and private schools as a model for wellness and stress reduction for children and teenagers. 

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Youth and Competitive 
Athletic Programs

Athletes who are introduced to meditation techniques are more likely to be centered and steady when faced with the anxiety that comes from high pressured games and performances. 

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Non-Profit Programs and Workshops

Not-for-profit organizations stand to gain significant advantages from incorporating mindfulness meditation into their daily routines. Extensive research has shown that mindfulness can enhance leadership effectiveness by increasing focus, improving productivity, reducing stress, and fostering emotional intelligence.   


Faculty Programs and Workshops

We work with today’s educators and administrators to build healthy thriving schools. Our sessions help educators feel more calm, effective, creative, and confident


Private & Semi- Private Sessions

Come spend an hour in The Meditation Lab either in a private lesson or with a group of friends in a semi-private class. With more personalized instruction and specific takeaways based on one’s interests, activities, and overall daily lifestyle, you can bring your practice to your home or any location of your choice.

Audio Meditations to Download & Stream

By taking five minutes each day to explore simple mindfulness practices, teachers will feel more centered and focused, making the classroom environment more productive for learning, physical, and emotional well-being. 

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Contact Us

Let's get started! We would love to hear more about your goals, your group, and your availability. We look forward to sharing how our programs can help your employees, teams, faculty, or students improve focus, decrease stress, increase productivity, and discover life balance. Reach out to us for a clarity call!

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