"Wrestling is such a mental sport. I have been doing it since middle school. I always thought yoga and meditation was kind of weird. I never thought it would help me much. When my coach suggested that all of the kids on my team had to go through The Meditation Lab, I really was skeptical it would make any difference at all. I was definitely surprised how much it helped my mental game. I  used to psych myself out before a match thinking I was never gonna win. Now I’m able to quiet some of those negative thoughts. It really has helped my confidence more than I ever thought."


- Joey, age 16

I have always been an anxious person, and before the Meditation Lab I had not found a quick and effective way to manage my stress. The Meditation Lab classes introduced me to many really easy ways to destress that I can use in my day to day life!"


- Elizabeth, age 18

"Meditation Lab is something that has helped me refocus and recenter when I feel uneasy.  Whether it was during gym or after school on a Tuesday or Thursday - Meditation Lab provided that experience and space that will forever help me! From Jen, I have learned so many methods that help me stay calm and relaxed! I use her strategies while taking tests, studying and sometimes just for a self-reflection.  Without Jen and her  Meditation Lab, I would have never learned any of these ways to peacefully change my way of thinking and feeling!"


- Natalie, age 15

"I had the opportunity to experience Meditation Lab when I was training preseason for basketball.  Jen taught me how to center myself using specific breathing techniques. It really helped me before games when I so nervous.  Her suggestion to use the techniques before a free-throw shot or during a timeout helped me ground myself. I truly believe I was able to perform at my house level."


- Grace, age 15

"Incorporating Jennifer’s mindfulness techniques into our Irvington High School Physical Education curriculum was one of the highlights of the 2017-2018 school year. Jennifer led three sessions with each of our classes during the month of January. That proved to be impeccable timing with mid-term exams at the end of that month. Her calm persona coupled with her expertise in yoga and meditation, combined to grab the attention of our students. Many of our students eagerly looked forward to the sessions with Jennifer."


- Donna and Martin, Irvington High School physical education teachers

"Jen has inspired me to learn and grow in meditation. She has helped me, and many others, understand the importance of meditation. Meditation helps me each and every day. Whether I am stressed about something coming up, or just need to clear my head, I always turn to Jen’s meditation techniques to help!"


- Jennifer, age 18

"I definitely was able to get into the flow of the game when I meditated before it started. I’ve been playing volleyball since eighth grade. Now as a graduating senior, I only wish I had the chance to go through the Meditation Lab with Jen sooner.  I never thought learning how to breathe would make such a difference in my game - especially in my serve.  I will definitely take some of the techniques with me when I go to college and hopefully play volleyball there."


- Juliana, age 18

"Meditation Lab has really taught me how to settle my thoughts and mind. Now, in stressful moments, I have the ability to take a step back and make level-headed decisions."


- Samantha, age 16

"Two years ago, when my son was 17, he reluctantly agreed to be Jen’s ‘guinea pig’ while she was creating the Lab, and learn how to meditate.  All I can say is that 2 years later, meditation has become part of his regular routine. It helps him stay calm and focused whether confronting stress or not. The skills he has incorporated into his life will serve him for years to come as he navigates his way through life. 

Jen’s ability to connect with the kids she teaches is truly remarkable; she is gentle, funny and completely engaging. As a result,  the students feel at ease, which allows them to open up, let down their teenage angst and discomfort in order engage in an experience that will change their lives."


- Elaine, parent

"The intensity and concentration required of athletes during a typical season, coupled with the demands of academics,  can be very exhausting. The introduction of yoga and meditation to our basketball program has been invaluable in helping the girls find a feeling of peace and space while balancing a rigorous daily schedule.  Jennifer Monness  has led numerous sessions with our team at critical times during the season. They  have proven to be incredibly helpful.  The girls learned to find ways to calm down, take a step back and put everything in proper perspective. The exercise helped   them discover the peace and confidence necessary to achieve their goals in a positive and unifying way. They eagerly look forward to days when we have Meditation Labs."


- Gina Maher, Coach Girls Varsity Basketball